Sunday, November 20, 2016

Benedict Cumberbatch's most impish smiles

There were quite a few impish smiles from Benedict Cumberbatch on display in his Sherlock Holmes: The Abomominable Bride.

This smile from the first scene where he and Watson meet is not particular impish, but if you watch the scene you can see that, as Holmes, he's actually quite nervous - this quick smile when he first starts talking to Watson, then the way he darts quick glances at him rather than looking him full in the face. He's nervous about wanting to impress Watson and getting a roommate so he can afford his suite of rooms.

Above is that impish smile, when the wife of Sir Eustace comes to visit them with a case. Watson has to continually remind Watson that their task is to prevent Sir Eustace from being murdered, not actually being murdered.

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