Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Benedict Cumberbatch and The Bear Polar

Benedict Cumberbatch starred, along with Stephanie Cole (of Waiting for God fame), Roger Allam (of Les Miserables), and John Fennemore, who also wrote the series.

Benedict Cumberbatch plays not-very-good pilot Martin Crief, Roger Allam plays the insolent Douglas Richardson, first officer who used to be a captain, Stephanie Cole plays the owner of a 16-passenger jet, Gerti, for whom they fly, and John Fennemore is her not-very-bright son who acts as steward for the jet.

Each episode of the radio series bears the title of a location where the jet flies. In Qikqiktarjuac, they are to fly an American tour group to Canada to see polar bears. The tour leader of the group, a woman, is a "pushy American" who goes into the cabin and insults Douglas and praises Martin. Martin appreciates this and doesn't defend Douglas, so Douglas gets on the intercom and tells the passengers that the captain is a Frenchman, so Martin has to use an execrable French accent.

Then, Douglas sets him up again....

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